Personal Care

Personal Care is one of the main services in Home Health Care industry. It includes assistance with every day activities to help the ones in need and make the elderly life peaceful.
Personal care services are related to assistance with dressing, hygiene and incontinence services.

Companion Care

Companionship care is a special service that we offer. It includes the following activities:

  1. Accompaniment on errands or to doctor appointments
  2. Assistance with grocery shopping
  3. Walking to get fresh air and exercise
  4. Writing letters
  5. Playing games
  6. Reading aloud
  7. Friendly conversation etc.

Home Health Aide

Home Health Care Aid is a service that makes a positive impact on the lives of the sick, disabled, and elderly. It assist patients with completing everyday personal tasks such as dressing, bathing and a variety of hygiene needs. It includes assistance in everyday duties such as shopping, transportation and medical appointments.